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Xmark Dumbbells are a lightweight budget option for those looking for a set of lightweight dumbbells. Since they are two sets, one from 5 lb to 25 lb and another from 10 lb to 50 lb, they are great for girls doing cardio, beginners starting lifting or doing lighter isolation exercises such as dumbbell curls.

They are shockingly similar to Bayou Fitness Dumbbells and if you have read my earlier review here you might not notice much difference other than they look slightly different and have a different brand.

How They Work

Changing weights is fast and easy: simply lift and slide a knob to your desired weight setting. Thanks to this changing weights is fast and can be done unevenly.

The 25 lb Set

Xmark 25 lb fitness adjustable dumbbells are great for womenCheapest place to buy: $165 on Amazon

The set goes from as light as 5 lb to 25 lb in 5 lb increments (5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 lb.

If you wish to use even smaller increments, you can load the dumbbells unevenly to increase the weights 2.5 lb.

The dumbbells are 15.75” long, 8” wide and 9” tall.

Get The 25 lb Set Here

The 50 lb Set

Cheapest place to buy: $289 on Amazon

Xmark 50 lb dumbbells come with a plastic trayThe 50 lb Set is twice as heavy going from 10 lb to 50 lb in 10 lb increments. This gives you weight settings 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 lb.

Many users have complained 10 lb increments are too high and rightly so: 10 lb is a lot of weight to add to a dumbbell, especially on isolated exercises. One solution users have come up with to counter it is to add more reps until you can use the higher weight setting.

However, an alternate solution exists: load the dumbbells unevenly! This means the other end of the dumbbell weighs 5 lb more than the other end but it allows you to progress in smaller, 5 lb increments.

The dumbbells are 15.75” long, 8” wide and 9” tall.

Get The 50 lb Set Here


The Xmark dumbbells are made from heavy-duty chrome plated steel. The weight selector mechanism, however, is made from plastic. Some users have reported plates falling from the dumbbell when lifting the dumbbell from the tray after changing weights. Once lifted, all the remaining weight plates, however, are securely locked in place and I have yet to hear of a case of falling weight plates during exercise making them a better and safer choice than the infamous Bowflex.

The Xmark dumbbells come with a one year warranty and a plastic tray.

Xmark dumbbells are safe to use – click image to read more reviews

Why You Will Hate Them

If your selector knob gets stuck, find out which weight plate is faulty and ask for a new one or use some WD-40 – click image to read more customer reviews

Complaints among users are difficulty to get the dumbbells out of the plastic tray and selector knob getting stuck. Usually this is due to an imprecise cut in a single weight plate which causes it to always getting stuck on the same weight plate. Try to move the weight plates around to figure out which weight plate is causing the trouble and ask for a replacement. Or use some WD-40 to fix it.

Who Should Buy Them

Xmark dumbbells go up to 50 lbAre you looking for a pair of lightweight dumbbells? Do you want to do cardio with dumbbells? Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend/wife? If you answered yes, you might want to give Xmark a try.

Are you planning to lift heavier than 50 pounds?

You would be well advised to plan ahead and take into consideration you will have to buy another set in the future should you ever outgrow the 50 pound max of the heavier set.

If you want to lift very heavy, I invite you to take a look at my number #1 recommendation for extremely heavy dumbbells, the Ironmaster, or my #2 recommendation PowerBlock (fast to change weights).


Xmark dumbbells are a great lightweight budget option similar to Bayou Fitness and Universal Power-Pak dumbbells. They give a set of light dumbbells which replace a few sets of traditional fixed dumbbells and are easy to switch weights between exercises or sets.

Get Yours Here

Have you used Xmark? Let me know your thoughts, experiences and questions below in the comments!

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