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Why buy beef online (if you do that) from a conventional producer like Omaha Steaks when you can buy grass-fed beef – even organic grass-fed beef for the same or less money? If you are going to consume beef you might as well get the most nutritious health-friendly beef available. Just a few of the companies you may want to consider where you can buy grass-fed beef online.

The first two stores deliver within the US and the last one in the UK.

Butcher Box

Butcher box delivers convenient meat boxes similar to the way Riverford and Aussie Farmers provides as discussed in the previous article.

5 Meat Boxes

Butcher Box comes full of delicious grass-fed meatThere are 5 boxes to select: all beef box, mixed box, beef & pork box, beef & chicken box and the newest one: chicken & pork box. The boxes contain several different cuts of the meats mentioned in their name.

The mixed box contains a mix of meats from all beef, pork and chicken and is a great choice if you want a little bit of everything.

You can choose how often you want it delivered (every 1-3 months). This makes it convenient meaning you won’t have to be placing new orders all the time. The downside of it is an infrequent shipping which means you will need lots of space to store your meats if you are planning to order enough meat to last until the next shipment.

You will also be delighted to hear the contents of the boxes change monthly. This way you will avoid the boredom of eating the same cuts over and over again.

If you feel there is too little meat in the box, you can double up the contents and/or add individual cuts into the box.

It should come as no surprise the price tag of an individual shipment can be quite high but this is because you will be buying meat for a longer period time, not just for the coming weekend. It also means more savings to you since you are buying in bigger quantities.

Natural Grass Fed Beef

Butcher Box from insideThe beef is 100 % grass fed free of antibiotics and hormones. They are raised on small grass fed farms.Each box costs $129 or

Each box costs $129 or only $6.50 per meal. The boxes contain 20 individual meals with 5-8 oz portion size.

The delivery is free to the 48 contiguous states.

Are you afraid you don’t know how to cook the cuts you’ll receive? Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. The boxes come with recipes created by chefs, nutritionists and bloggers.

3 Simple Steps

There are just 3 simple steps to start receiving your favorite meat box:

1) Select your box from the 5 options. You can change it anytime you want.

2) Select your preferred schedule. You can choose it delivered every 1-3 months. What if you no longer want to receive them? You can cancel at anytime.

3) Customize to your liking. Want double size? Check. Want to add your favorite cuts? Simply choose which additional cuts you want and how many. You’re now ready to go.

Get Your Individualized Meat Box Now

U.S. Wellness Meats

How it all began

U.S. Wellness Meats was founded by John Wood, a fifth-generation farmer. It was not until 1993 when he attended a lecture on holistic land management that he became aware of the benefits of raising free-roaming, grass fed meats like in the old times. He immediately became intrigued, wanted to learn more and decided to give it a try.

John spent years experimenting with this ”new” method that ancient farmers used to grow their cattle to ensure his method brings quality, healthy meat consistently year after year. He wanted absolute proof to be 100 % sure it works. His results? The cattle he raised was suddenly both healthier and tastier. His company was finally born as we know it today in the year of 2000. John Wood grows his grass fed meat on his own family farm and partners with other family farms which he knows closely and whom share his beliefs. Learn more about their family farms here.

What do they grow?

U.S. Wellness Meats grows and sources several different animals in different locations. To save you from reading a long novel where each animal is grown, what they eat etc I have condensed the information in a table for you:

MeatRaised inDietFree ofOther
CattleMissouri, Illinois, Alabama, Montana, Tasmania100 % grass fedAnbitiotics,
BisonOpen pastures: Dakotas & Northern Plains100 % grass fedChemicals, hormones, pesticides, grains
PorkLocal Missouri and Kansas farmersGrass fed, supplemented with 100 % vegetarian diet (includes corn & soy)Antibiotics, hormones, GMO-free dietGAP certified
PoultrySouth Carolina, Arkansas, California & FloridaForage, supplemented with conventional poultry diet (includes corn & soy)Antibiotics, hormones, animal byproductsAlmost all are fed GMO-free diet: check description for non-GMO before buying
DuckSourced from New YorkGrowth hormones, antibioticsFree-range
RabbitSourced from MissouriPellets (contain alfalfa), soybean hull, mixture of various grains and mineralsGrowth hormones, antibioticsFeed not 100 % non-GMO
DairyAmish dairies in Indiana & PennsylvaniaGrass fedAntibiotics, hormones, fertilizers, pesticides
LambOregon, Missouri100 % grass fedChemicals, hormones, pesticides, grain
SeafoodFrom Vital Choice in WashingtonChemical freeCertified sustainable, wild caught

You can read more here.

The takeaway points from the table are the produce sold by U.S. Wellness Meats is mostly grass fed. Some animals’ diets are also supplemented with other foods due to the fact their natural diet does not consist solely from grass, like pigs which are omnivores by nature. Cattle, bison, dairy and lamb are entirely grass fed and seafood is wild caught, not farmed. They do not use antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. The produce is mostly GMO-free with the exception of poultry of which some receives GMO feed (GMO-free products are marked as such in the description) and rabbits which receive partially GMO modified feed.


The minimum amount you have to order is at least $75 worth of food weighing at least 7 lb. U.S. Wellness Meats says they do not charge a shipping fee but they still charge a $7.50 handling fee per total order. This is reasoned to cover the labor expense for the person who handles your order. To read more about shipping and to see the delivery days, click here.

What Are Others Saying

U.S. Wellness Meats has been featured in several magazines and many of its customers are pleased with the quality, healthiness and tastiness of their meats. You can read customer testimonies here.

Shop in U.S. Wellness Meats

Muscle Food

Muscle FoodMuscle Food is sure to turn eyebrows just because of its name. You might be wondering what muscles have to do with shopping food.

The team behind Muscle Food is passionate about sports & nutrition. Their goal is to provide you the best lean meats and supplements.

They strive for quality: their foods are specifically lab tested by UKAS accredited laboratories. Their selections include both grass and grain fed meats but no matter which you choose you can be sure of one thing: their meats are free of additives.

What They Sell

You will be pleased to hear they have a great variety of foods, especially meats. Whether you want the plain and ordinary beef, chicken and pork, some variety such as lamb, duck, veal and fish or more exotic meats like ostrich, kangaroo or reindeer, you can get it.

Their selections also include vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy, supplements and ready-made meals.

Protein Power

The team at muscle food love not only sports but also protein, which their foods include plenty of. If you take a look at their nutrition tables, you might start noticing a recurring theme: their meats are trimmed out of fats, foods are low in carbohydrates and contain more protein than you would think of.

If you look closely, you will notice many of their selections include more proteins than carbs or fats. While protein is important to build muscles, it is good to make sure you also get your fair share of calories from carbs and fats.


Muscle Foods delivers almost everywhere within the UK from Sunday to Friday, 8 am to 9 pm. You will be informed on the status and time of the delivery via SMS notifications.

Not at home at the time of delivery? No worries, just leave a note for delivery instructions when placing the order.

The delivery costs £4.95. Think it’s too much? Be sure to order over £75 worth of goods and you’ll get your protein meals delivered free of charge.

The goods arrive in 24 or 48 hours depending on your location. Check which zone you belong to and more here.

Are You Lazy?

I sure am. I hate doing the same mundane things over and over again, when they could just be automated. Thankfully Muscle Food lets you to place recurring orders taking the worry from you place a new order again when your fridge is becoming (or already is) empty.

You can choose how often to receive your order and even on what day.

No longer want to receive orders? Stop the order whenever you want, but at least 48 hours before dispatch.

Buy Lean Meats from Muscle Food


Buying grass-fed beef need not be hard. With more and more online stores popping up and delivering fresh food to you straight from the farmers shopping has become easier than ever. Hopefully you have now some idea where to get your share of grass-fed beef.

What is your favorite grass-fed beef selling online store? Share it in the comments below!

Looking for more than just beef? Check my previous article to find out where to buy organic food online.

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