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Eating healthy, organic foods as close to their natural state as possible is essential for maintaining good health. But a lot of us just might not have enough time or live close enough to drive to the nearest farmers market. Luckily there have been several online stores popping up over the last years which grow food in as natural state as possible and ship it right to your front door. Whether you live in the USA, UK or Australia, you should have some kind of an idea of where can I buy organic foods online after reading this article.

To save you from reading everything whether or not it’s important to you I have categorized stores based on their location:

Stores 1-4 ship within USA (store 2 ships also internationally).

Stores 5-6 ship within UK (store 5 ships also internationally).

Store 7 ships within Australia.

US Based 1-4

1 Thrive Market – A Membership To Save Up To 50 % Off Of Retail Prices

Thrive Market Organic Whole CashewsThrive Market is more than a traditional online store: it’s a membership. It costs just $5 per month (or $59.95 annually). Okay, okay, I hear you are now calling me crazy: why should I pay a membership fee to be able to buy something???

The fantastic thing about Thrive Market is they sell everything from 25 % to up to 50 % lower than their retail price. This means you will save the minuscule membership back and even more very quickly.

Not assured? You can browse their full selection before signing up, and the first 30 days is totally free. You will only have to start paying your membership fee after your 30 day trial is finished.

Thrilled to hear what they sell?

Thrive market has a wide range of products:

  • 3,000+ healthy products
  • 400+ trusted brands

Their products are organic and non-GMO. If you are more demanding, you can filter products based on several filters:

  • Thrive Market filtersorganic
  • paleo
  • gluten-free
  • raw
  • vegan
  • moms

Thrive Market Nutrition TableThey sell everything from groceries and baby products to health and beauty and pet food.

Whatever your needs are, you’re likely to find something from their selections for your entire family.

Despite sounding all awesome, Thrive market does have some drawbacks. The navigation menus are so huge they can be overwhelming to navigate. I also found many of the items to be marked as ”back soon”.

The most disappointing factor, however, was their lack of selection in several categories despite the large selection of products they are so proud of. I couldn’t find many options for meat, vegetables or fruits. A search for bananas gave results for dried bananas, banana chips, banana diapers, banana baby pants etc. Not quite the actual, real bananas I was looking for.

On top of the up to 50 % smaller than retail prices you’ll also be happy to hear the shipping is only $1.95 or free if you buy more than $49 worth of goods.

Thrive market delivers to all addresses within the Contiguous US. If you live in Hawaiji, Alaska, Puerto Rico or Canada, they do not deliver to you although they do wish to expand their services in the future.

Shop in Thrive Market

2 Vitacost

Vitacost offers healthy foods with up to 50 % savings off of the retail price. They have over 45,000 products from more than 2,500 leading brands. Their shipping rate is just $4.99 within the contiguous US or free if you buy more than $49 worth of goods. If you live outside the US, they ship to over 160 countries worldwide.

Their products range all the way from foods and supplements to beauty & health, babies and pet foods.

The biggest downside of Vitacost is their difficult to use navigation system. The first thing I thought of upon entering their website was: ”I just want to buy food. Where do I go?”.

After a while of searching, I found ”Shop by Department –> Food & Beverage” but it only offered things like snacks, oils, butter, coffee & tea etc. So where’s the food?

Eventually I did find necessities like rice, pasta, beans, nuts etc by using the search field though it still remains a mystery where to find them without using the search field.

I didn’t, however, have much luck finding meats, vegetables or fruits.

I liked the fact I could see nutrition tables in product details but overall I would not recommend Vitacost due to the near to impossible to use navigation system. The final decision on whether you like and want to use Vitacost, however, is all yours.

You can visit it here.

PS I did finally finally find foods from navigation. They were sneakily hidden under ”Shop by Department → Vitacost Brands → Food”.

3 For The Gourmet

You may have noticed a certain theme on the online food stores on this list by now.

For The Gourmet is something completely different than the other stores I have reviewed here so far. The founders of For The gourmet originally seeked to provide the finest ingredients for gourmet restaurants and chefs. Over the time they started receiving more and more requests from regular consumers which gave a start to For The Gourmet.

If you crave for the finest and tastiest ingredients for your dining table, you have come to the right place. For The Gourmet gives a 100 % satisfaction guarantee for their products. They proudly state they have delivered over 90,000 packages last year with over 99 % satisfaction rate. If you have any questions or worries, you can always contact them and rest assured they will do everything they can guarantee to your satisfaction.

They have a wide range of products and you’ll be positively surprised they provide several exotic products, many of which you likely haven’t tasted before.

A brief taste of what they have:

  • Cheese from US and 15 European countries
  • Meat
    • Seafood from across the world
    • For The Gourmet has several tasty categoriesbuffalo,
    • duck,
    • elk,
    • fowl,
    • quail,
    • rabbit,
    • veal,
    • wildboar,
    • etc
  • Exotic Produce
    • edible flowers
    • herbs
    • leaves
    • mushrooms
    • vegetables
  • Chocolate & Bakery
    • breads & cakes
    • desserts
    • gelato
    • lollipops
    • pralines & truffles
  • Gluten-free & Dietary
    • cereals
    • cookies
    • noodles
    • pasta
    • sprouted grains

It should go without a saying this is a store on the pricier end. Due to the high prices I would not recommend to buy your daily groceries from there. You will instead want to order for special occasions, like a dinner with that special someone, at parties, weddings or when you just want to enjoy something extraordinary.

Shop in For The Gourmet

4 Green PolkaDot Box

Are you afraid of getting toxic chemicals from farm produce sprayed full of pesticides? Have you always wanted to buy organic foods but couldn’t afford? Do you want to shop at farmers markets but live too far away?

Green PolkaDot Box ships organic, non-GMO foods straight to your door at wholesale prices. Their mission is to deliver organic and natural foods to as many people as possible at the lowest possible prices.

They ensure their food is high quality, clean, non-GMO and, if possible, organic.

While their shipping rates are higher than with other stores, the more you buy, the less you pay for shipping. They also have a higher threshold for free shipping at $150.

Like Thrive Market, Green PolkaDot Box has a wide variety of product categories from food and supplements to health & beauty and pet foods. Their product selections are even more limited and you might find foods at odd sections: there is no specific section for meats but when you choose ”Frozen Foods” you will find a variety of meats.

Green PolkaDot Box Nutrition TableI also like the fact they show you nutrition tables in product details.

They also offer over 30 different filters to apply to your search:

  • Certified Fair Trade
  • BPA Free
  • Halal
  • Lactose Free
  • Caffeine Free
  • Casein Free
  • Corn Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Low Fat
  • Fat Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • High Fiber
  • Kosher Certified
  • Nut Free
  • Organic Certified
  • Peanut Free
  • Raw Food
  • Recycled Packaging
  • Green PolkaDot Box Dietary Need FiltersSalt Free
  • Low Sodium
  • Soy Free
  • Sprouted Ingredients
  • No Sugar Added
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Wheat Free
  • Yeast Free

I really like the store but personally I’m off-put by the lack of selections. Not only are the selections small but some categories are entirely empty, like the bread and refrigerated foods categories.

Shop in Green PolkaDot Box

UK Based 5-6

5 Buy Whole Foods Online

BuyWholeFoodsOnline.co.uk delivers whole foods fastBuy Whole Foods Online is one of the leading online shops for whole foods, health foods and superfoods in the United Kingdom. Their mission is the improve the healths of as many people as possible.

They have a wide range of foods ranging from superfoods, seeds and nuts to bread, wholegrains, lentils, dried vegetables to Japanese foods and personal care.

They also have baby products, pet foods, cooking books, bottles and jars etc.

BuyWholeFoodsOnline.co.uk calorie tableThe website has otherwise good and easy to use navigation system but you won’t have much of an idea what is exactly below a certain category before opening it. A small preview of what’s inside or how many items it includes would be nice.

I also like the fact they show ingredients and calorie table in product information. They even tell right in the product information how fast it will ship to my location (they deliver abroad too) and how much time I have left to order it before before one day more is added to the shipment day.

If there’s one more thing I would like to see in their selections, that would be meat, vegetables and fruits which I couldn’t find. The closest I came to finding meat was vegetarian mincemeat.

The shipping rates can vary wildly based on weight and shipping country. Many countries do get a free delivery for orders exceeding £100. You can see the shipping rates here.

Shop in Buy Whole Foods Online

6 Riverford

When I found Riverford it was like a dream come true and even more than I could ever dream of.

Riverford grows all the products they sell themselves. All products are organic. Their animals are all organic, free-range and raised to the standards of Soil Association which are higher than required by EU regulations. They have won several awards for their hard work and quality of their produce.

If you ever have any doubts or are curious how they raise their animals and produce, they welcome you to visit their farm or watch their YouTube video (see below).

Veg, Fruit & Meat Boxes

Riverford bundles fresh produce into Veg, fruit & meat boxesWhat’s really innovative about them is they have bundled products into boxes. The only thing you need to do is select the boxes you like and a size to fit your needs. If you are not sure which size you should go for, they tell how many meals the box has and for how many people. Their boxes include veg, fruit & meat boxes.

The farmers select every week only what’s freshest right now at the farm. This way you will get to what’s in season right now without seeing any effort. Are you afraid you will get something you don’t like when the contents change every week? No worries, the descriptions are updated when the contents change.

The boxes are truly a great and innovative way to eat a wide variety of foods and mix it up weekly. You will even get introduced to new foods without a second thought.

Recipe boxes

Do you want to eat at home but don’t know how to cook? Recipe box it is!

This idea is so clever I would have never even thought of it. The recipe box includes:

  • the recipe
  • calorie content
  • ingredients needed for cooking

So what’s the catch, you ask?

The catch is you have to cook it! Simple, right?

What’s even better is the recipes change every week. This means you will get to eat different foods every week without ever thinking what to eat again!

There are also 3 different recipe boxes for different needs.

3 Different Boxes

The boxes have 3 different varieties to cater to different needs.

Do you find yourself too busy to cook? No worries, go for the quick to cook version.

Don’t eat meat? The vegetarian box comes to the rescue.

Not busy or vegetarian? There’s also the original box.

Save Time & Get Your Recipe Box Delivered To Your Doorstep

Shop Individually

Buy fresh produce from Riverford and get it delivered to your doorstep - veg, fuit & meat boxes, recipe boxes, fruit & veg, meat, dairy, drinks, BBQDon’t like shopping pre-bundled boxes? No worries. You can always add ingredients to your shopping cart individually. And if you want to, you can conveniently send money to charity while buying your groceries.

The ingredient descriptions give you cooking instructions.

Do you buy the same items regularly? Make your own box! This is very convenient since you won’t have to add each ingredient individually to your shopping cart each time you place an order.


The delivery is free of charge to your doorstep regardless of order amount. You do not need to be at home at the time of delivery, simple tell them where to leave your food (or have it delivered at your work place).

They do not deliver outside the UK.

Your delivery day and time will depend on the area you live in.

If you want, you can even make your own box.

Shop in Riverford

Australia Based 7

7 Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers delivers to 130,000 households across the 6 states of Australia. They originally started from revolutionizing milk deliveries and later on expanded to delivering all kinds of groceries. They have won several awards and their growth has been so fast they have been named as one of the fastest growing franchises several years in a row.

Aussie farmers produces everything they sell themselves in Australia. When an order is placed, they fetch the ingredients straight from the producers. This means cheaper prices and fresher produce for you since the food won’t have been sitting for weeks in a grocery store by the time you come to buy it.


They have a wide selection of different products:

  • Aussie Farmers Direct grows and delivers fresh produce to your doorstepmeat
  • dairy
  • fruit & veggies
  • bread
  • cereals
  • snacks
  • beverages
  • wine
  • kids’ food
  • pet food
  • donation

Their meat is lean and handcut by butchers.

Don’t know how to cook?

They have plenty of tasty recipes on their websites. And I tell you, you don’t even need to be in Australia to try them 😉

Ready Made Boxes

Are you too lazy to add individual ingredients one after another?Aussie Farmers Direct delivers convenient food boxes for the entire family straight to your door

They have several ready bundled boxes full of various ingredients. Just choose one you like and that’s it. There are even different sizes which include a different amount of meals for different amount of people. You will want to make your decision based on how big family you have.

The box contents are changed and updated weekly. This means that you can place a weekly order for the same box without worrying you will have to eat the same boring food week after week. Talk about easy and convenient!

Do you use an iPhone? You can also try their app.


They deliver straight to your home. You don’t need to be at home at the time of delivery. The products come in a reuseable cooler bag filled with icepacks to keep the foods cool in the hot Australian weather for up to 12 hours.

You are advised to keep the cooler bag at your home so the deliverers can leave your groceries in it until you come home the next time they deliver your groceries.

Your delivery time and day will depend on your location but it is always the same every week.

You can choose to order weekly, fort-nightly or just once. This saves you the extra trouble of placing a new order every single time you want more food. If you wish to, you can always take a delivery break if you go on a vacation or otherwise don’t want to receive them for a while.

I really like this since it’s not only very convenient for lazy people like me but also environmentally friendly.

It’s a good thing Riverford and Aussie Farmers are located in different countries – they are both so awesome it would be way too hard to decide which one to buy from!

Shop in Aussie Farmers


I have to say I was somewhat disappointed at the selections of the US online stores, even more so after seeing how Riverford and Aussie Farmers Direct are in UK and Australia. Hopefully you have some kind of idea where to shop for groceries. Since many of the US stores didn’t have meats in their selections, I will be writing a new article on where to buy meat online.

What is your favorite online food store? Let me know in the comments below!

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