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Universal Power-Pak 445 dumbbells in a standToday we are going to take a look to what makes Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells With Stand Combo a great deal for anyone looking for a lightweight dumbbell set going from as little as 4 lb all the way to 45 lb. They are a great set for cardio, for women and for anyone looking for a simple and light dumbbell set.

Universal is a brand owned by Nautilus, the very same brand which owns Bowflex. But fear not, Universal’s Power-Pak is safer to use than the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells I reviewed earlier.

How Does It Work

The dumbbells have, similar to Bowflex, dials at the end of the dumbbells. You can change weights quickly in 5 lb increments all the way from 4 lb to 45 lb.

Okay, now you are asking me how does one get from 4 lb to 45 lb in 5 lb increments. I get you there, I was wondering the very same myself too.

The dumbbells have 9 different weight settings replacing a total of 18 pairs of traditional fixed dumbbells. The first increment goes surprisingly 6 lb and the rest go 5 lb: 4, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 lb.

Adjusting weights on Universal Power-Pak 445 dumbbells can be done quickly by turning the speed dialThanks to the dials at the ends of the dumbbells, changing weights is very quick. The weight changes are made even faster by requiring you to turn the dial only at one end of the dumbbell which changes the weights at both sides of the dumbbells.

But this also comes at a cost: you cannot load the dumbbells unevenly like many other dumbbells.

Plastic Handle, Iron Weights

The handles are made of durable thermoplastic rubber which ensures a non-slip grip. The weights are coated iron.

Universal Power-Pak 445 dumbbells have plastic handles which may crack

The plastic handles may crack – click image to read more customer reviews

What this means is the weights are durable since they are iron. But unfortunately, as you might have guessed, some users have complained of spotting cracks on their plastic handles. Many users have used these dumbbells for several years without problems though.

Universal Power-Pak 445 dumbbells can take years of heavy pounding

They last years of heavy use – click image to read more customer reviews

The dumbbells are 15” wide, 14” long and 7” tall.

Why You Will Love Them

Dumbbell curls with Universal Power-Pak 445 and a benchThe list price for these dumbbells is $449. Click here to get them at a 27 % discount which makes them cheaper than most other dumbbells in their weight range at only $329.

Despite the cheap price they also come with a stand included making it even a better deal. Appealing enough? Universal throws in a free Power-Pak workout guide too.

Yes, for the price of only $329 you will get dumbbells weighing a total of 90 lb, a stand and a free workout guide.

And did already mention the fast speed of changing weights?

Why You Will Hate Them

But it’s not all dancing on roses. I found quite a few issues with them. The weights are on the bulkier side which, while not necessarily a deal breaker, you might have to slightly adjust some exercises like dumbbells curls so that you weights aren’t resting on your legs.

Universal Power-Pak 445 dumbbells are solid but the weights shift back and forth

Weights are solid but may shake – click image to read more customer reviews

Then there’s also the rattling. Rattling has been long an issue with most adjustable dumbbells. With this set it’s even worse: when working out, it can feel like the weight plates sliding a little bit. But rest assured, the weight plates are held securely in place. Some users have found it uncomfortable though.

The biggest issue with these dumbbells is the cheap, plastic handles mentioned above. Plastic is vulnerable to damage and some have reported cracks on the handles.

The dumbbells do have a warranty but it’s on the shorter end, lasting only a single year. Yes, only one year. That’s very short for a dumbbell.

Who Are They For

Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension with Universal Power-Pak 445What are you looking for in a set of dumbbells? Do you just want a light set that’s fast to use? You’ve have come in the right place!

Whether you’re a woman looking for a light set of dumbbells, want to do some cardio with small weights or just wanna have something light and not spend copious amounts of time changing your weights, these are a good choice for you.

Do you want to lift heavier than 45 lb per dumbbell or a total of 90 lb?

I have bad news. These dumbbells are not expandable. They are not for you. Should you want something heavier, I recommend taking a look either at my Powerblock (fast weight changes) or Ironmaster (durable, traditional dumbbells) review. They go very heavy.


If you don’t mind the plastic handles, these bad asses give you a light weight, fast to adjust dumbbell solution all the way from 4 to 45 lb. For only $329 you’ll get a set of dumbbells, a stand and a free Power-Pak workout guide. What are you waiting for?

Grab Them Here

Have you used Universal Power-Pak dumbbells? Share your experiences below in comments!

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