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If you are anything like me, you most likely want to get (or stay) strong without spending a ton of money. Today I’m going to review spinlock dumbbells – the cheapest dumbbells out there. Some of you might worry they won’t be of good quality and won’t last, but don’t worry. Spinlock dumbbells, like most dumbbells, are in essence metal pieces so they endure through time.

18" Spinlock DumbbellsSpinlock dumbbells are like barbells but just a one hand version of them. They consist of three parts: bars, weight plates and spinlocks. The handle is just big enough to be gripped with a single hand and they are supposed to be used in pairs, one for both hands. The bars come in different lengths with most common being 14”. I have myself bought 14” bars and I have found them easy to outgrow. My 14” bars weight 2.5 kg and they allow me to load them to 32.5 kg per dumbbell. So the max total weight I can go to is a mere 65 kg with the two dumbbells. I recommend buying longer bars to accommodate more weight plates allowing you to lift heavier.

Dumbbell WeightsThe second part consists of weight plates. These are the very same weight plates you would use with barbells but since they will be carried with one hand instead of two hands you will want to buy smaller and lighter weight plates. I recommend buying 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg and 5 kg weight plates. I have 10 kg weight plates too but I have found them too big hindering workouts so I don’t recommend to buy them.You will want to buy 4 of those two smaller weight plates, one for each side of your barbells. You will want to buy enough 5 kg weight plates to fill the rest of

You will want to buy 4 of those two smaller weight plates, one for each side of your barbells. You will want to buy enough 5 kg weight plates to fill the rest of the space in your dumbbells. The amount of weight plates you can fit into your dumbbell bars depends on how long bars you have. I have bought 14” bars myself which I found easy to outgrow. They could fit max three 5 kg weight plates per one side on each dumbbell making it a total of twelve 5 kg weight plates on the two dumbbells. Since each bar weighs 2.5 kg themselves, they make a total of 65 kg when both barbells are loaded on full weight. I recommend investing in longer 18” bars to allow going heavier. If you plan to buy barbells too, make sure your barbell uses the same hole size in weight plates before buying to make sure you can use the same weights on both dumbbells and barbell.

SpinlocksThe third and last part of spinlock dumbbells are spinlocks. Spinlocks are very thick taking about as much space as an entire weight plate does. But they are necessary to ensure your weights won’t drop during lifts. Like the name says, they are put in place and locked by, you guessed it right, spinning them. They are safe to use and allow you to lift without worrying your weights will drop on you. But they tend to get loose during lifts if you load heavy weights on them. I constantly find myself tightening spinlocks on my dumbbells between sets since they have a tendency to get loose when I load a lot of weights on them. They are also very slow to use. When I want to change weights, I have to first unspin the spinlocks, and then remove and/or add weight plates followed by spinning the spinlocks again. It takes a lot of time and can really slow you down if you want to change weights often during your workouts.

Spring clipsThere is also a second alternative to spinlocks: spring clips. These are faster. All you need to do is put them quickly in place and tighten. But they do come at a price since they don’t lock as tightly as spinlocks making them less safe. I warmly recommend using spinlocks instead of spring clips.

Spinlock Dumbbells – Good Bang for The Buck

Do I recommend spinlock dumbbells? Yes, I do. However, they are not necessarily the best choice for everyone. Spinlock dumbbells are the cheapest option when it comes to dumbbells. They are safe and endurable to use. But on the other side they are also the slowest option. If you are just starting out and aren’t sure what you want, spinlock dumbbells are a good starting place. They are also an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget.

Some manufacturers sell dumbbells individually instead of in pairs. Therefore it is important to check whether they are sold in pairs or individually. Check also whether the stated weight is for single dumbbell or a total weight for the pair.

Remember to also buy weights when you buy spinlock dumbbells since they are sold separately. Always make sure the hole size in weight plates fits the bar before purchasing. But if you are serious about your workouts, find yourself changing weights several times during your workout and want quick speed and efficiency from your workouts (drop sets, anyone?), then spinlock dumbbells might just be not for you. You will want to look for other options which I will cover in the coming articles.

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