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If you have ever tried to google for adjustable dumbbells, you most likely know how many different options there are. Choosing the right dumbbells can be a daunting task. Today I am going to give you an Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells review. If you are looking for a different weight set from Ironmaster, worry not, as I will cover the other dumbbell options from Ironmaster too.

How does Ironmaster work?

Ironmaster dumbbells are a bit like spinlock dumbbells in the way they work but faster. They have several parts: dumbbell handles, weight plates and screws.

The first thing you will want to do is lay your dumbbell handle on a floor or a dumbbell stand which comes with the 75 lb dumbbell set. Make sure the notch on the dumbbell handle is up, it is important later on when locking screws.

Then, add weights on the dumbbell handles. The first weight plate will attach on the handle and the rest of the weights will tightly attach onto the grooves of other weight plates.

When you have inserted the amount of weight plates you want, insert the screw in (through the hole in the middle of the weight plates) and turn it clockwise to lock it. Like the dumbbell handles, the screws have a notch too. Make sure this notch is on the same side when inserting it into the dumbbell handle.

To change the weights, turn the screw counterclockwise, take it out and repeat the process.

Since the screws are only partially threaded, they go smootly and fast inside without the need to screw them. They will need to be screwed only after they are already inside. This gives the best of both words since you get it done fast yet the plates are securely and tightly locked.

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The Good

Ironmaster believes their customers want the best, extremely heavy, yet durable dumbbells which go the long run which is why they created them with this in mind.

Ironmaster dumbbells can weigh up to 165 lb per dumbbell, a total of 330 lb! This makes them one of the heaviest dumbbells out there. They are also extremely durable since they are made of iron and steel and there are no cheap plastic parts. They won’t break even if you drop them on floor, though this is not advisable. You should not mistreat your equipment or floor.

Ironmaster is in fact so confident in their dumbbells they give you a lifetime warranty with their dumbbells. If you ever run into problems with them, you can always contact Ironmaster and rest assured they will help you, even if it has been 50 years since you bought them. Do note though the warranty is only for the first user which means you will no longer have a warranty on them if you buy them secondhand.

The weight plates on Ironmaster dumbbells lock tightly and there are no clanking or rattling weight plates. The good quality of these dumbbells ensures there will be no falling weight plates. The Ironmaster dumbbells feel like fixed dumbbells when working out.

Since the weight plates are changed from both ends separately, the dumbbells can be loaded unevenly should you want to.

The dumbbell handles are knurled steel which, while perhaps uncomfortable at first, provides a better and tighter grip.

Are They Perfect?

As good as Ironmaster dumbbells sound, they do have one major flaw, that is the speed, or should I say lack of it, when changing weights. While the screw mechanism makes the dumbbells extremely secure and safe, it also makes them slow to adjust weights. Ironmaster advertises changing weights will take 15 seconds. This is for one dumbbell though, so it will be more like 30 seconds if you want to change the weight for both of them. You might find that it takes more than the advertised 15 seconds for you to change the weights.

If you use the 165 lb add on weight set, you will find changing weights even slower since the screws are fully threaded. But I think this is forgivable considering most other adjustable dumbbell sets can not be loaded so heavy.

That said, Ironmaster is not for you if you want to do drop sets or change weights quickly.

Ironmaster 120 lb Adjustable Dumbbells on StandAnother thing where I find room for improvement is the dumbbell stand. The dumbbell stand is included in the 75 lb Dumbbell Set which is very handy. The stand is almost unnoticeable and Ironmaster has done their best to make it as small and compact as possible. It is just big enough to hold the dumbbell handles on top of it and the weight plates inside it. But I think the stand could be a little bit bigger to make using it more comfortable and changing weights easier.

Do make sure to organise your plates well on the stand to make changing weights easier and faster.

The stand is big enough to fit both the 75 lb and 120 lb Ironmaster dumbbell sets. However, if you are planning to use the 165 lb Ironmaster dumbbell set, you might find that the stand is too small to hold your dumbbells. As you can see in the above photo, the 120 lb dumbbell can barely fit on the stand. The 165 lb dumbbell would go beyond the ends of the stand hanging in air.

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Ironmasters Come In Various Sets – Let’s Clear The Confusion

There are several different options when it comes to Ironmaster dumbbells. But whichever weight set you want to settle with, you will have to buy the 75 lb Ironmaster Dumbbell Set first. If you want more weights, you can buy the add on kit to 120 lb and add on kit to 165 lb. The add on kits do not come with dumbbell handles, so you have to buy the other sets first.

Let’s illustrate it with a couple of examples to make it easier to grasp. If you want to buy the 120 lb set, buy both the 75 lb Ironmaster Dumbbell Set and add on kit to 120 lb. The add on kit to 120 lb comes only with weights needed to expand the weight from 75 lb to 120 lb and with longer screws to allow for loading the extra weights. It does not include the dumbbell handles.

If, on the other hand, you want to work out with the 165 lb set, make sure you buy all the mentioned sets: the 75 lb Ironmaster Dumbbell Set, the add on kit to 120 lb and the add on kit to 165 lb. You see, the add on kit to 165 lb expands again from 120 lb to 165 lb continuing the weight set from your previously purchased sets. The add on kit to 165 lb again comes with even longer screws to allow loading all your newly purchased weights into the dumbbells.

Ironmaster 75 lb, 120 lb and 165 lb Adjustable Dumbbells

Do note the weight mentioned in the weight set name is for a single dumbbell. So when you buy the 75 lb Ironmaster Dumbbell set, you will be getting two dumbbells weighing 75 lb each, not a total of 75 lb. The add on kits again mention how much the actual weight will be for a single dumbbell even though they add weight to both of your dumbbells. So the total weight will be double of what is mentioned.

So the 75 lb set will give a total of 150 lb with two dumbbells, the 120 lb set 240 lb for both dumbbells and the 165 lb set will weigh a total of 330 lb.

The components are made of two materials. The weights are made from iron while the other parts are made of steel. There are no cheap plastic parts meaning these are durable. You can drop these dumbbells all you want or smash em into a wall and they will endure. Though this does not mean you should partake in such behaviour (your floors, walls and neighbours are better off if you don’t throw your dumbbells at them 😉 ). Ironmaster is so confident in their dumbbells they provide a lifetime warranty for all their dumbbells for the first user.

Do note that if you use them with the 165 lb add on kit, the warranty will be void if you drop or otherwise abuse your dumbbells. The reason for this is the dumbbells were not originally designed to hold 165 lb of weight.

Another difference for the 165 lb add on kit is the screws are fully threaded instead of being only partially threaded like the lower sets. This provides extra security and tightness making the dumbbells safer to use despite of having more weight. This does, however, come at a cost of speed since you will have to fully screw the screws in to securely close and lock them.

The 165 lb add on kit makes Ironmaster dumbbells one of the heaviest adjustable dumbbells out there, which is definitely a plus if you are into lifting your dumbbells heavy. Who would have thought you could load a total of 330 lb of iron into a set of adjustable dumbbells? While this isn’t important right now if you are just starting out or recreationally working out, they do come into use if you are serious in your training in the long run and want to max out your lifts – or if you compete professionally.

Many professional lifters are fans of Ironmaster, and for a reason. The durability, heavy maximum weight and look and feel of traditional dumbbells make them good for the serious trainee.

Sets & Add On Kits

Let’s cover next what the different sets and add on kits include.

Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells 75lb With RackIronmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System 75 lb Set


The Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System 75 lb (34 kg) Set includes the following:

  • 2 handles (5 lb or 2.2 kg each)
  • 4 locking screws (2.5 lb or 1.1 kg each)
  • 4x 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) weight plates
  • 24x 5 lb (2.2 kg) weight plates
  • compact, stable and sturdy dumbbell stand
    • width 14.5”
    • depth 19”
    • height 26”

The weight can be changed between 5-75 lb in 2.5 lb increments. The max weight is 75 lb per dumbbell, a total of 150 lb. The width of the dumbbells is 6.5”, the height 6.5” and the length is 14.5” when loaded with 75 lb. The height and length will stay the same regardless of weight change but the length will vary based on how much weight you pack on.

Buy The Ironmaster 75 lb Set

Ironmaster Add On Kit To 120 lb

Ironmaster 120 lb add on weights and screwsPrice:

The add on kit to 120 lb (54.5 kg) includes the following:

  • 4x 22.5 lb (10.2 kg) weight plates
  • 4 longer locking screws

This add on kit brings the weight from 75 lb to 120 lb. Make sure to buy the Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System 75 lb Set first.

The Ironmaster dumbbells are 19” long when loaded to 120 lb.

Buy The Ironmaster 120 lb Add On Kit

Ironmaster Add On Kit To 165 lb

Ironmaster 165 lb add on weights and screwsPrice: $239 on Ironmaster.com

The add on kit to 165 lb (74.8 kg) includes the following:

  • 4x 22.5 lb (10.2 kg) weight plates
  • 4 longer locking screws

This add on kit brings the weight from 120 lb to 165 lb. Make sure to buy both the Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System 75 lb Set and add on kit to 120 lb first. Do note that you can not drop or abuse the dumbbells when using the 165 lb or you will void your lifetime warranty. This is because the dumbbells were originally designed to hold 120 lb.

Do also note that the add on kit to 165 lb has fully threaded screws which means changing weights will be slower. But on the other hand this assures you even more your weights are heavily secured and won’t drop off while exercising.

The Ironmaster dumbbells are 23.5” long when loaded to 165 lb.

The Ironmaster 165 lb add on kits are custom made. They are only made by request and you have to call Ironmaster to order them.

Buy The Ironmaster 165 lb Custom Add On Kit

Ironmaster Kettlebells

Ironmaster Quick Lock Kettlebell 57.5 lb comboPrice:

Are you into working out with kettlebells? I have goods news for you! The weight plates included in the Ironmaster dumbbells can also be used in Ironmaster adjustable kettlebells. Or if you want, you can also use them on a barbell.

The ironmaster kettlebells are very convenient since they are adjustable and do not require buying several sets of kettlebells like they traditionally do. The kettlebell handle weighs 22.5 lb (10.2 kg) without any loaded weight plates. It can be loaded up to 80 lb (36.3 kg).

The Ironmaster Kettlebell handle can be bought with or without weights. If you have bought their dumbbells already, you may choose to buy only the handle and use the weight plates from your dumbbells.

Buy The Ironmaster Kettlebell handle (without weight plates)

Super Bench

Ironmaster Super BenchPrice:

The Ironmaster’s super bench is made of high quality steel and thick comfortable padding constructed from high-density foam with stitched vinyl. It supports up to 1,000 lb (453.6 kg) in flat position and up to 600 lb (272.2 kg) in other positions.

The bench is highly adjustable with 11 different positions. The bench can be used with more exercises than other benches thanks to all the different adjustments Ironmaster offers to the bench. Your imagination will be the biggest limit to what you can do with the bench and its adjustments. If you are in doubt, check the video below and see for yourself how much you can do with it.

Buy The Ironmaster Super Bench


Ironmaster do come at the pricier end. The price, however, is well justifiable thanks to the great quality. They are not cheap plastic toys but a lifetime investment provided with a first-user lifetime warranty. But despite being the most durable heavy dumbbells out there, they are still cheaper than PowerBlocks. I recommend buying Ironmaster dumbbells straight from Ironmaster since they are more expensive on amazon.com. The heaviest add on kit, expansion to 165 lb, is also only sold through Ironmasters.

And then again, what other dumbbells actually do go up to 165 lb? Ironmaster likes to boast with the high maximum weights their dumbbells they go to – and they dare you to try and train with them.

Ironmaster 74 kg dumbbell challenge

But if you want cheap adjustable dumbbells like Ironmaster which are good quality and will last you a lifetime, you might want to take a look at what I have to say about spinlock dumbbells here.


It is no wonder Ironmaster is so proud of its badass dumbbells. They load as heavy as you would ever want them to – and even heavier beating many of the competing adjustable dumbbells on the markets.

Not only do they go heavy, they are also made to last. These dumbbells are pure business, they are made of iron and steel, they will go the long run with you and last. Ironmaster is so confident in their durability they give you a lifetime warranty which will last as long you as live or decide to sell them. Do note that you will not be covered with a warranty if you buy them second hand since the warranty covers only the first user.

Are you looking for dumbbells that go as heavy as you could dream and last a lifetime? Look no further. Ironmaster is a perfect combination of them.

Buy The Ironmaster 75 lb Set


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