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You may have heard sitting is the new smoking. You have most likely considered, if not even started, substituting sitting with standing. But just as sitting all day standing is bad too. Standing is no magic cure for the ill-effects of sitting all day.

No, I’m not saying your efforts are worthless and you should continue sitting all day long just as you have up until now.

What I’m saying is staying in the same position constantly is bad for you. Whether this is sitting, standing, lying down or something else it is bad for your health if you do not switch your position once in a while.

So what should you do? Are you doomed? No!

Here comes the treadmill desk!

iMovR Omega Olympus Treadmill Desk

iMovR Omega Olympus Treadmill DeskMost treadmill desks so far have been lousy traditional desk + fitness treadmills adapted for walking combinations.

The result? Kind of useable treadmill desk with awful ergonomics and ill-matching design for office.

But why does it matter? A desk is just a desk – no matter are you just standing or walking, right?

I’m glad you asked.

A normal, flat desk is just fine when sitting or standing. You are staying in place so you can rest your arms down on your arm rests and desk.

But when you are walking it all suddenly changes. You are in constant movement. Your body is getting slightly farther away or closer to your desk and keyboard all the time. This causes you to push down with your palms to stabilize your hands in position with the keyboard to allow you to keep typing. Over the time the constant pushing down with your palms causes unnecessary strain on your wrists.

iMovR’s treadmill desks are the first of their kind to address this issue. They have a designed keyboard tray which allows you to tilt your keyboard up to -85° without losing your keyboard. This allows you to rest your palms comfortably against the keyboard.

Right now you might be wondering how exactly is this a new innovation. After all, you have likely had an office desk with a tiltable keyboard tray. The traditional office desks, however, are limited in terms of how much the keyboard trays can be tilted since excessive tilting would just result in the keyboard hitting your lap and making it harder to use it while sitting.

The tilted angle not only removes anchoring stresses but it also increases typing speed and accuracy.

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How Much Should You Tilt Your Keyboard Tray?

The optimal tilting angle depends on what you are doing.

For standing -20° is optimal.

For walking angles ranging from -25° to -40° are the best for most people. Experiment what feels the best for you.

3D Lamination

The iMovR desks are 3D laminated using very expensive machines costing over $1 billion.

You are probably wondering the prices of the tables are going to be sky high due to the machines used to manufacture them. But according to iMovR thanks to the machines they are able to save enough costs in labor to price them close to competing tables not manufactured with 3D lamination.

The benefit of the 3D lamination is that it wraps through contoured edges. It keeps moisture away giving your table longer usage life. It also makes your table more resistant to scratches, dings and chemicals. iMovR is so confident in their table they give the tabletop a long 5-year warranty.

Your table will also be more beautiful and look like it’s made from a single piece of hardwood. And you won’t want to use cheap plastic caps to hide the grommet holes (the circular holes in your desk used for cables).

The grommet holes are 3.15” (80 mm). And you can choose to upgrade them to include power sockets and/or USB ports.

Watch the below video to see for yourself.

Sitting, Standing, Walking, Tall or Short – Adjust Your Desk For Your Individual Needs

The desk can be adjusted for based on what you are doing: sitting, standing or walking and how tall you are.

The minimum desk height is 25” for sitting and the maximum is 50” for standing making it one of the tallest desks in the industry.

What’s even more convenient is the desk height can be adjusted electrically using the digital controller. The table’s travel speed is 1.45” per second with acceleration and deceleration dampening features which prevents your coffee from spilling and makes pens less likely to roll off of your table.

The table’s lifting capacity is 360 pounds meaning it’s strong enough to lift your table even if you have a lot of heavy stuff on it [insert funny fat-ass joke here].

The table makes 42 dB noise while descending and 46 dB while ascending making it one of the quietest tables.

You can save up to 3 height presets to easily adjust the height to your ideal settings each and every time.

Customize Your Own Desk

You can choose your desk to come in the best size for you and in your favorite color.

You can choose between 2 different table widths: 71″ and 83″.

You can choose do you want to have the keyboard tray on the right, center or left. The 83″ option also allows you two have 2 keyboard trays: one on left and one on right. If you choose to have the tray on the side you can have a chair on the other side and switch between sides based on are you walking, standing or sitting.

Durability Matters. Freedom of Mind From Warranty.

The tabletop is made in the USA and the legs in China.

The frame has a generous lifetime warranty. Motors, moving parts, tabletop and electronics, on the other hand, have a long 5-year warranty.


The tables are made to order. The desks are built and shipped within 5-7 business days and the delivery itself takes 5 business days within the continental US.

Buy Your Own Treadmill Desk Now

iMovR ThermoTread GT Treadmill – The Best Office Treadmill Yet

iMovR ThermoThread GT Office TreadmillUp until recently before iMovR created the ThermoTread treadmill all the walking treadmills on the market had their roots in fitness treadmills which showed in their noise levels and remote controls which were suited for the gym but not so much for the office.

You will be more than happy to hear iMovR has designed their treadmill from the ground up to the office. The treadmill is exceptionally quiet at 42 dB (when moving at 2 mph) and features a future-proof touchscreen remote controller. And by future-proof I mean you can actually connect it to your computer and download updates to the software.

Made For Walking

The treadmill can go a maximum 2.5 miles per hour (4 km/h). It might feel like very slow to you, it is after all slower than normal walking speed.

However, this speed is safe to use and more than you should need. The idea is to walk slowly to increase blood flow and productivity without turning it into a distracting sweaty workout.

All reported treadmill injuries have happened at faster speeds than the maximum 2.5 mph due to issues like mishaps and cardio exhaustions meaning you should be using the treadmill at the slow speed.

Should you already have a desk, the treadmill can be bought separately and used with any other desk.

Ready to Buy? Click here!

Modern Touch Controller

The control panel has an easy to use color touchscreen. It can be connected to the cloud to upload usage statistics and view it on other devices. iMovR promises they will update the software and in the future it can be integrated with popular wearable devices and corporate wellness software platforms.

You can enter your weight, height, average stride length and set your preferred language, units and speed and other settings.

The device will record usage statistics such as time, distance, steps and calories.

Features include calories, time, timer, recording sitting, standing and walking timer and Pomodoro timer which reminds you to take breaks at your chosen intervals.

Preferred settings can be saved for up to 5 users.

The first time you use the treadmill you will have to accept a liability waiver. This can make it easier for HR and legal departments to accept the treadmills in company offices.

Good To Know

The treadmill frame has a generous lifetime warranty but other parts have significantly shorter warranty: motor 3 years, parts 2 years and labor 1 year.

The treadmill has 2 wheels underneath for easily moving it around.

The treadmill weighs 147 pounds and the controller weights 1.75 pounds.

And what’s really amazing is it will automatically notify you when it’s time to lubricate the treadmill so you won’t forget it and wear out your expensive treadmill prematurely!

Lubricating the treadmill is fast and easy, see for yourself on the video below!

The treadmill has a walking area of 20” x 50” and can support a maximum weight of 400 lb. The deck height is below 5” which is good to take into consideration when measuring how high your table needs to be (and therefore how high the maximum height of the table needs to be if you are buying a new table).

Buy Your Own Treadmill Now


The iMovR Omega Olympus Treadmill desk and the iMovR ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill are a great addition to your work or home office. Have a table or a treadmill already? They can be bought separately so you can buy only the one you want.

You can also find both the treadmill desk and the treadmill base on iMovR’s website, click here.

Have you used the table and/or the treadmill? Share what you love and hate about them below!

Haven’t tried but have doubts whether you should go ahead and purchase it? Leave your questions below.

PS. Although not necessarily of utmost importance for most treadmill desk buyers out there, I do feel it important for the sake of honesty to mention the iMovR’s Omega Olympus is not the very best of the best treadmill desks out there. The iMovR’s Omega Everest is the best of the best, however, I chose to review Omega Olympus instead since it provides the best bang for your buck while providing more than enough value for most people out there looking for a standing treadmill desk.



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