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Bayou Fitness Dumbbells are an excellent budget choise for those looking for a light set of adjustable dumbbells. They are very simple and pleasing to the eye. Changing weights is fast and easy making it convenient for workouts. They come in two different sets: 25 lb and 50 lb sets.


The weights are adjusted by lifting a metal knob, sliding it and locking it onto its place. The knob is very convenient and quick for changing weights.

The dumbbells are made of heavy-duty chrome plated steel construction making them durable.

According to Bayou Fitness both sets (25 lb & 50 lb) area 15.75” long, 8” wide and 9” tall.

Both sets come with a rack. You would be well advised to place the rack on a table though since it is only big enough to fit the dumbbells. Of course, you can always lift the dumbbells from floor but it might not be good for your back over the long-term.

Bayou Fitness boasts you can do a total of over 30 exercises with them but I think that is a bit silly. Your body won’t know what brand dumbbells you are using (or even that you are using dumbbells in the first place). Any exercises that can be done with other dumbbells can be done just as well with Bayou Fitness dumbbells or any other dumbbells as well. You are not limited in any way to the 30+ exercises listed by Bayou Fitness.

Light 25 lb Set – Great For Girls & Cardio

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 25 lbThe lighter 25 lb set goes from as little as 5 lb all the way to 25 lb per dumbbell, making it a total of 50 lb for both dumbbells. The weights can be adjusted in 5 lb increments (if loaded evenly) or in 2.5 lb increment (if loaded unevenly between sides). While some of you might want to load both sides 100 % evenly, a slight difference of 2.5 lb in weight between sides won’t cause much of a difference in performance.

Buy Bayou Fitness 25 lb Dumbbell Set

Heavier 50 lb Set – Good For Getting Started

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 50 lbThe heavier, 50 lb set goes to double the weight. It also starts at double the weight compared to it’s lighter counterpart at 10 lb of weight. Unfortunately the same goes for weight increments too: the dumbbells are adjusted in 10 lb increments (evenly) or 5 lb increments (loaded unevenly between sides).

Buy Bayou Fitness 50 lb Dumbbell Set

What Makes You Love Them

These simple dumbbells have a few things going for them. They are pleasing to look at, the weight changing mechanism is fast and easy to figure out, and they offer a good and light set of dumbbells for comparably cheap price. They are also quite small meaning they won’t come in your way while lifting (nobody likes dumbbells clanging together in the middle of an exercise!).

Bayou Fitness 50 lb dumbbell positive review

Bayou Fitness dumbbell user really diggs ’em

Why They Make You Mad

Perhaps the biggest turn off for those going with Bayou Fitness dumbbells is the fact they have shipped the 25 lb set as a pair while shipping the 50 lb dumbbell as a single piece. This has resulted to some furious customers upon finding out they got only one dumbbell shipped to their door instead of a pair! Luckily it looks like Bayou has learned from its mistake as it is possible to order the heavier set as a pair too (though it is still possible to order only one piece of the dumbbell).

The second biggest cause for complaint in these dumbbells is the knob: it has a tendency to work less than perfectly after some time slowing down the speed of changing weights or making it harder.

Bayou Fitness 25 lb dumbbell critical review

Bayou Fitness dumbbell user struggles with changing weights with the knob

Smaller, less serious issues include slight rattling. The dumbbells rattle during use but this is rather common for adjustable dumbbells and it isn’t serious.

One important aspect, no matter which product you are buying, is the warranty included and its length. Bayou Fitness gives only a 1 year warranty for their dumbbells which is very short, especially compared to the lifetime warranties of PowerBlock and Ironmaster dumbbells.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect for your workouts of these dumbbells is the increments. Like I mentioned earlier, the dumbbells, especially the heavier set, has huge caps between increments: 10 lb! This can be halved to 5 lb loading the dumbbell unevenly but it might still be big of an increment, especially for smaller lifts. The 25 lb set has 50 % smaller increments than its heavier counterpart.

Who Should Buy Them

These dumbbells are very light in their weight like I have mentioned earlier. Therefore they are great for anyone looking for a light set of dumbbells. They are comparably cheap for their price range, and unlike BowFlex dumbbells, they are safe to work out with without having to worry about weight plates falling on your toes.

They also make a great gift for your wife or girlfriend (or husband). Since they are so light and take so little space, there really isn’t any excuse to not to start working out with them, even more so taking into account how little they cost. Whether you use them for light lifting or as an extra weight for a cardio oriented workout, these are a great set to go for.

Are you looking to build huge muscles, get super strong or lift heavy? Since these are light in their weight, they are not for you if you are planning to lift heavy (or are looking for dumbbells above 50 lb).


Bayou Fitness is a great and economical lightweight choice for adjustable dumbbells. Thanks to their simplicity, ease of use, speed of changing weights and cheap price, they are a great set to go for if you are looking something light and aren’t turned off by their high weight increments.

But if you are looking for heavier than 50 lb dumbbells, I recommend you to read my reviews on PowerBlock (fast to change weights) and Ironmaster (traditional, hard-core adjustable dumbbells).

Buy Yours Here

Let me know your experiences, thoughts and questions on Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells below.


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