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Matthew PhotoI have been interested in exercising for a very long time, but it took quite a while for me to actually start doing it. Back in basic school, my school had a (although rather old) gym, I was interested in lifting the weights there, but we barely got any access there.

After basic school I entered to vocational college back in 2008. The school provided a gym free of charge for students with all the newest machines with very little space for free weights. I looked up articles online about working out and compiled a list of exercises to do with the fancy machines at my gym. After two years of working out, I was still lifting the same weights, never making proggress. Frustrated, I decided to quit.

After it I didn’t work out at all besides occasional cycling which caused me problems falling asleep. I pondered about options for exercising in my hometown, but couldn’t come up with anything without spending a lot of money. One beautiful day in 2011 a friend of mine told me he’s going to buy a set of adjustable dumbbells. Excited, I asked him to buy one set for me too. A couple weeks later after having my new set of dumbbells, I started lifting weights. I started with a simple program for beginners and soon bought new weight plates as I progressed. I was happy and content with my new work out routine, seeing progress each weak.

In 2012 I had outgrown what I could add to my dumbbells and was looking for alternative ways to workout and gain strength. There was only so many weight plates I could add to my dumbbells without running out of space and I was doing deadlifts with just one leg to make it harder. I started shifting my training towards GST (gymnastic strength training) and bodyweight exercises. The exercises utilized mostly bodyweight with some mobility performed with dumbbells. The exercising program was great, I was seeing results and the coach who made the course was one of the best in his field.

There was just one problem: the coach had no prior experience dealing with adults with no prior experience in gymnastics. I was one of the many community members who were struggling to even get to the starting position! The exercises required lots of flexibility. While gymnasts are flexible by nature, most adults aren’t which created a new problem itself. Since there was no guidance on how to achieve the required flexibility levels to perform the required exercises, I found myself a couple years later still struggling to perform even the very beginner level exercises. I was making proggress on some of the exercises, but I was stuck on over HALF of the exercises in my program. I was losing my motivation in autumn 2014 upon realizing this, especially since I knew I was going to go to study in Thailand in the beginning of 2015 and couldn’t bring my training equipment with me.

In 2015 I was now again where I started. I wasn’t making progress in my GST training and my training equipment was now 8,000 km away. I was now looking to get back to training with free weights. Many apartments in Thailand come with gyms, often equipped with treadmills, some exercising machines and a rack of dumbbells.

The reason I created this website is to help you dear readers to incorporate dumbbells into your training. I will discuss everything related to dumbbells on this site from why you should use dumbbells to what kind of dumbbells you should buy. I will share my own experiences and ideas and help you on your journey, be it bodybuilding, powerlifting, getting fit or recreational exercising.

You’re welcome to contact me if you have any questions or ideas. I love to talk about exercising, strength training, nutrition and health in general. I invite you to comment and discuss and share your ideas. I like and want to get feedback, be it positive or constructive. All feedback is welcome. Let’s all share our ideas and knowledge and help people on their work out journey.



Founder of All About Dumbbells
Email: matthew@allaboutdumbbells.com


  1. Pj

    Hey, Matthew, I enjoyed your website and appreciated all your insights. Dumbbells are a part of my regime even though I am older and have more issues, they have proven to be quite helpful. I hope to continue with them. I haves bench along with a few pair of dumbbells to occupy me. How is it going in Thailand? Still there? Lovely place … Have a great day, Pj

    • Matthew

      Hello Pj, Great to hear you are enjoying working out with dumbbells. I went to travel to Malaysia last week but I am now back in Thailand. I will be returning to Finland, my home country, to continue my studies next year. Let me know and drop a comment if you have any questions or wishes for new articles, Pj.


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